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Why Goldea wooden door is expansive than other factory?

TIME: 2017-09-30


It is reasonable to say that our products are more expensive than others, because no matter raw materials, processing technology or details of our factory are different from others.

To paint the door products, for example, first of all, the same white oil mixed door, our paint the door surface than other factory production paint door more shiny, moist jade, other factory production paint door surface dumb Light. The same is the door of the effect of wood, our paint door with the original veneer, wood grain effect is very close to the effect of solid wood, and other factories use technology is veneer, in fact, is affixed to a layer of imitation veneer paper and then brush On the paint, and the effect of solid wood is very different, although the other's cheap, but the effect is poor, if you want to pursue the effect of the original wooden door, then our door will be closer to the effect you want. Secondly, our paint door is not unpleasant paint smell, because our paint is imported from Germany Henkel paint, the board is 10 years old fir and E1 and environmental density sheet, but other factories produce a comparison of paint Thick paint taste, the difference between the raw materials in the product can be seen, if you pay more attention to their own health, please be sure to choose to let you can rest assured that the wooden doors, and Jindi wooden doors in full compliance with your expectations. In addition, the same is the surface of the three vertical carvings, our carving lines deeper, no matter from which point of view are 3D sculpture visual effects, and other factory production of the door carving lines are very shallow, not obvious, no Three-dimensional effect, because we are using Taiwan's Ende Engraving machine, carving will be carried out after a manual grinding process, so carved out of the lines deep, the edge is very rounded.

WPC door, for example, are also attached to the surface of the white PVC film WPC door, the other factory doors seem to have a partial plastic feeling, our doors are like white oil, because our film are Is well-known from China's procurement company, and through the high temperature of 200 membrane and the door one-time sticky good, the film is not easy to fall off or skin, and high temperature areas can be used normally. In addition, the production process is different, our WPC door is a squeeze molding, do the door is a piece, no stitching, and other factory production WPC door is only about 6mm WPC door skin, And then the peritoneum, and finally with the door frame together, so that the door is certainly not a piece of the door firm, easy to crack. And the customer to buy WPC door is to waterproof, one-piece WPC door more in line with customer requirements, the other factory production WPC door filling and the door frame is not WPC, will certainly affect the waterproof effect.

So, we buy the product when not only pay attention to price, have a long-term vision, a sub-price goods is justified, we do not buy things in order to replace other products as soon as possible, but hope that it will use the longer the better , The more worry the better, choose Goldea wooden door may not be able to help you save money, but choose Goldea wooden door will be able to make you no worry any more!


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