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How to buy pots to buy bathroom wash basin four points

TIME: 2017-09-30

Consumers in the purchase of sanitary products, the face of the various brands of products will be very confused, especially in the face of such items such as hand basins, consumers are often easy to ignore. Today GOLDEA will be introduced to the bathroom wash basin of the purchase skills, hoping to give consumers some help.

Wash basins are mainly pots on the stage, under the basin, column pots and other major categories, basically these products are similar, but in color, size, depth and other aspects of the difference. Now GOLDEA will tell you the market wash basin products, the form is also mainly three, but in the shape, materials, etc. has undergone a very big change.

First of all from the material, in the traditional concept, the wash basins are used as raw materials for ceramics. But now glass, metal, synthetic materials can be used to make wash basins. Especially in recent years, Goldea found crystal clear, colorful glass wash basin by the consumer's pro-Lai, broke the ceramic wash basin monopoly market pattern for the bathroom market to bring a cool breeze. Compared to the ceramic wash basin, the glass wash basin clean more convenient, finish is also very good

Followed by the appearance of modeling . Instead of GOLDEA , Most of the previous wash basins are round, and now the wash basins are very personal, may be square, it may be long, there are hexagonal, fan-shaped, and some like a bowl, some like a hat, which Kind of "personalized" bathroom wash basin, for the "personalized bathroom" to bring a richer color. The width and length of the mounting position are required when selecting the basin or basin. In general, as long as the table width of more than 52 cm, the length of more than 70 cm, there is a very large choice of pots of space; if the table length is less than 70 cm, then the best choice for the basin, if the basin will affect its Installation effect, but also in the selection of the pot will be more difficult.


After the consumer in the purchase of the wash basin also need to pay attention to "overflow". Many wash basins, in the vicinity of the basin on the edge, there will be a "overflow", such a wash basin in the process of water, the water level to the "overflow", the "excess" of water will follow the "overflow "Into the drain pipe, but if there is no" overflow "design of the wash basin, when the release of the tap water more than a certain amount, it will overflow basin even flow to the ground, the floor wet and dirty. So Goldea is building materials network that in the purchase of wash basins, or need to choose a wash basin with overflow, but also need to pay attention to "overflow" is able to work properly.

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