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Goldea French style dress, a carved into the bones of the romantic style ...

TIME: 2017-12-27

Living in the city

Everyone is looking forward to having a simple, romantic home

Full of visual beauty and tenderness

It's like an autumn waltz

Beautiful and light walking ...

1.       Living room

The combination of green and light beige brown can easily remind of the vigorous growth of flowers and trees. The lushness of lushness lurks the vitality of lush natural and pleasant.


With metal bright colors embellishment, to form a coordinated, so that it can safely stay in space without dissipation.


2.       Restaurant

The restaurant is also the heart of the entire family, a comfortable place for people to relax themselves and save energy, with light and soft pastel colors.


Luxurious furniture legs, exquisite tableware, coupled with the tranquil atmosphere, making elegant space without losing style.


3.       Bedroom

Master bedroom is a distinctive gentleman's house, without exaggerated decoration or color, all the attitude of taste are calm, gentle green, brown, coffee color is communicated.


Light brown curtains, like the branches scattered between the mottled sunlight, soft color with a warm touch of the heart. The overall space as a slowly expanding landscape picture, bright and gentle.

Pisces up ballet dancing light pink dream, accompanied by the corner of the violin crooning shallow playing. The design of the girls' room emphasizes the elegance and tranquility of the room. The flower stands outside the window, like the white wicker chairs, add to the romance and elegance of the scattered green plants.


4.       Lounge

Lounge, is the owner of entertainment and leisure area, which emphasizes the free exchange of space, is the host place all the confusion of peace.


Two crystal chandeliers, standing on the ceiling, are reflected on the marble. The light curtains are bathed in sunlight, elegant, delicate and romantic.



Free time, you can about thirty-five friends, playing a billiards, a product of coffee, why Lezai.

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