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Goldea wooden door bring the forest to your home

TIME: 2017-12-27


Tired of the city's pollution and bustle, whether it aspires to a green life, eager to get close to nature. Unwilling to only in the holidays in close contact with the forest? To bring home the door ,Goldea wood doors to your forest-like health and quiet.


1. Forest health


No air pollution, with a fresh and natural forest is the luxury of most urban residents, Golden Wood doors E0 environmental standards, so that your home is like a forest fresh.

Goldea door to the Russian imports of old fir material, the selection of internationally renowned accessories brand, the use of German Henkel water glue, the German PP finish, the entire door formaldehyde content ( 0.2mg / L) is lower than an apple, let the house away from pollution , Give you exposure to forest-like freshness and health.


2. Forest-level quiet


The night of the city is not the end of the day, noisy from the glittering streets to the neighborhood trivialities, and a quiet sleeping space becomes a luxury. Kingdee door with 46mm thick thick door, effectively reduce the noise up to 29 db, imported French mute lock, a full set of environmental protection mute seal, quiet quiet between opening and closing.


Home should be as silent as the night of the forest, wrapped with a quiet day tired body and mind, with quiet soothe nervous. Goldea wooden doors quiet sound insulation, let the home become a lively city in one of the quiet paradise, to find one of the most comfortable harbor.


3. Forest-like beauty


The fascinating place of the forest lies not only in its deconstruction of body and mind, its vibrant green color, and the beautiful sea of ​​wind and sea make up the most touching beauty in nature. Kingdee Door 2018 "Four Seasons" series, inspired by France's elegant design inspired by natural materials collide with the spark of inspiration, so that the wooden doors into the beauty of the seasons, so that home is full of natural beauty.


Finish the day's busy work, end the lively carnival during the day, stop the more we deserve to have a comfortable and natural home life. Golden door, with environmental protection and health, with quiet to bring comfort, sublimation of life with beauty, choose Goldea wooden door, the forest home.

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