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Goldea wooden interior door not only the hall, but also the kitchen!!

TIME: 2017-12-16


Wooden door is in everyday use, see more still is installed in sitting room, bedroom, and other space in our home, kitchen door USES more is metal door.

But gindy is not willing, feel the use still a lot of, today small make up share a few pictures, everybody feel the other expression of Goldea...


Kitchen as a cooking point, considering the problem of cleaning and maintenance, many people prefer aluminum alloy doors to the kitchen.

Actually in many respects, the advantage of kitchen wooden door is more apparent.

Don't believe it?

Let's see...

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From comfort security

The texture of gold dimu door is good, feel more comfortable.

And the kitchen is the place with very high frequency of use, other material is easy to happen to bump, relatively speaking, the property of wooden door is more "soft", so compare safe.


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It has always been excellent in wear-resisting, anti-fouling and waterproof performance.

From the anti-fouling, its surface is covered by the special PVC, PP film or solid wood door of the high-end water-based paint, such a facade not only wear-resistant, anti-friction, but also easier to clean.

The door has besmirch, only need to use wet cloth to add household cleanser, can clean up!


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From the material

The kitchen actually can install wooden door completely, wooden door is also wear-resisting, waterproof, and healthy and environmental protection, now more and more kitchen chooses wooden door.


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From the design


Now many families are open mode kitchen, the dining-room that connects with the kitchen, sitting room also USES wooden door, in order to maintain the unity that decorates style, wooden door is good choice.

Goldea whole outfit not only can realize the style unify of whole bedroom, also can show the life grade of bedroom master at the same time.


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From the match

There is a big suction machine, there is a sink table, and kitchen floor MATS.

In fact, soot stains are few and far between, so there is no need to worry too much.


The kitchen is a lot of "dithering" for families, but it's not as difficult as it might seem.


As long as you choose to use Goldea wooden door, can according to your own taste, give the kitchen of the home to order chic model son!

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