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Wow interior door can be fixed like this...

TIME: 2017-12-16

The various advantages of wooden door, make wooden door more and more popular!

Many people who pursue home decoration design, choose invisible door, make home outfit more have design feeling.

Create the private space, realize the space separation, highlight the decoration performance, create the amazing visual effect.

"Let's see where the door is."


The door blends into the wall

Use a light body wall + invisible door design, can save space already, can enhance dimensional visual effect again, contracted and nea


Use furniture to hidet.


Many of the hidden doors appear behind a large row of shelves, which are used as a cashier, and the texture of the second one is a good disguise for the invisible door to conceal itself.

Open the door, a private space that belongs to oneself can show.


Space shaping revolving door


Revolving door is commonly seen in large family, at this time they are more to create a specific sense of space design.

In the structure of large apartment, the gate and various segments can use the invisible door, the door, the partition plastic and other functions.


Diluting existence


The invisible door in the home, often can let a person produce illusion, think that it is not a door at all, it is a part of a wall or a certain adornment or furniture.


A door hidden in the ground


Can you imagine opening the floor and discovering a new world?


Of course, this classification is not very practical, only some families will have such a situation.

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