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Want to have a healthy fashion life, Goldea wooden door to you! In the words of these days, fashion has been integrated into people's lives. And the word is almost always on the lips of some people, a

TIME: 2017-12-02

In the words of these days, fashion has been integrated into people's lives.

And the word is almost always on the lips of some people, appearing frequently in the newspaper and media, the pursuit of fashion seems to have become a breeze.

If be in front of a friend to appear not enough fashion to fall behind tide, face can also not hang up.

In short fashion is over a period of time some people's way of life, and the scope of fashion is quite widespread, already close to every aspect of our life, such as food and clothing live line, consumption standard, emotional expression, and even ways of thinking, etc., is a comprehensive touches every aspect of our lives.

 Goldea wooden door

Everyone has their own fashion standard, and with the cycle of fashion, the fashion details that people are chasing are also very popular.

Many people have different understanding of fashion, some think fashion is simple, with its costly waste, be inferior to frugal, sometimes fashion just to do STH unconventional or unorthodox, in reality, a lot of people who and fashion sync referred to as old-fashioned and outdated.

And I think fashion is not only about the designer clothes that are worn on you, but also the tens of thousands of dollars that you carry in your hand, not the shoes you wear on your feet.

In fact, I think the current fashion should refer to healthy fashion, which is to focus on health while pursuing fashion, so as to form a healthy lifestyle.


How to live a healthy lifestyle?

The longest time we spend in our daily life is of course home, and having a fashionable and healthy wooden door is of particular importance to quality of life and quality.

As the building materials product brand idea group, China's high-end wood founding enterprise, healthy idea wooden door series products always is famous for its "healthy environmental protection", dedicated to the production of high-end health wooden door.


It is understood that the idea of health wood used for import - fir lumber, be familiar with Chinese fir has a natural fragrance, log out incense cedar alcohol can effectively decompose the door glue used in the machining process of formaldehyde.

Having a golden wooden door is like installing a natural air purifier at home, healthy and environmentally friendly.

In manufacturing link, insist the idea to use extreme environmental protection standard of E0, E1 class materials, and with the world's best supplier cooperation, the production of PP door formaldehyde content is lower than a glass of water, solid wood door 5 times lower than that of traditional composite door formaldehyde content make apple health level.

In addition, the idea wooden door base through the adoption of five international leading industrial smart 4.0 non-standard wooden door, wooden door production equipment automatic production lines and other advanced processing and testing equipment, better realize the goal of "healthy home outfit, use the idea wood door".

In terms of style, jindi wooden door fully caters to the general consumer's personality needs, simple European style, modern style and so on, and the modelling classics, fashion is contracted, the style is 100.

Jindi wood door is different according to the style of consumer choice, door surface color skin also has different choice, this can let our home full of individual character and sweet taste.

Over 30 years of history, the idea wooden door always uphold the spirit of a originality, any link for the production of wooden door is exquisite, with the modern's aesthetic demand to make rich connotation of traditional flavor, with innovative technology to make perfect wooden door, with intelligent control technology, to create attractive taste style, contracted and not simple aesthetics in design in the show.

The door head corner of jindi wooden door is more practical and more practical.

The door frame is perfect joint with the door fan, can reduce the noise effectively, let you enjoy a quiet comfortable life all the time.

In addition, the material used by jindi is very delicate, even the smooth carving is smooth, can process all kinds of beautiful patterns;

The quality color skin texture is varied, lifelike, imitation wood is strong, there are hundreds of different colors.


Ago, in China's social and economic development speed levels are low and hard times, people just eat satisfied, such as eating, living, etc are not care about the other, because can't go to care.

Today's idea is no longer adapt to the society, the high speed development of economy, to further expand opening to the outside world, more people in the bag of money, is, of course, hope to have a good quality of life, health and fashion as a goal and direction of our pursuit.

It will be over time "fashion" has a different way, but the pursuit of health and living environment will never change, because health is everything, without health, man is nothing.



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