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Years, women, Goldea...

TIME: 2017-12-02

People can't stop the pace of time, but they can get a lot of time.

Thirty years of time, let a woman from green to mature, from public to introverted, from the pursuit of individuality to become intellectual and elegant, although youth no longer, but more exquisite.

Youth likes to let loose, but mature and pay more attention to quality.

Delicate women can't leave the inner culture, the external grace and tasteful dress.

So does the delicate wooden door.

Goldea wooden door, such as mature exquisite woman, with 31 years of time build quality, with 31 years of years accumulated grade.

Goldea wood gate is carefully chosen for the three decades of the Russian fir as the raw material, the selection material natural, the texture is tough, the green environment.

Goldea wooden door is decorated with south Korean LG and Germany's norte PP. The environmental standards reach the European E0 standard, and the environmental performance is excellent. Even pregnant women and infants can safely use it.

Under the strict control of formaldehyde emission, the total product formaldehyde emission in Goldea wooden door is less than or equal to 0.2mg/L, and the environmental protection standard is much higher than the national standard for E1 (1.5mg/L), making wooden doors more reliable and reliable.

The paint wood door is 46mm, the thickness is higher than the industry standard, the sound insulation effect is good.

The choice and collocation of wooden door, can say to have played the role of the finishing point in the home outfit process, a door of the door that shows a door, not only reveal the taste of the owner, more can make the household environment become comfortable and refined.

Goldea wood door, hired Louis vuitton yacht designer Dennis as the brand design chief consultant, the design of the perfect detail, the internal collection of luxury, make each product as perfect as artwork.

The combination of the embodiment of the extreme aesthetic need more exquisite craft, the idea has three standardized production plant, German homag production line, the end of eight times of the lacquer that bake process six on three sides by a color a curing a wax, waterproof resistance to delimit easy to clean, beautiful and more practical.

Just as the woman needs the ornament of delicate clothing, good wooden door also needs high quality fittings.

Goldea wood door chooses French original import lock, quiet security, stable and durable, open and close to show quiet and elegant.

In detail, the door of every door of each door and the door frame of each door are fine standard, high temperature positive and negative pressure to realize surface layer, the edge is firm, feel smooth.

The door frame is close to the door frame.

People accumulate in the years, the brand also accumulate quality in time.


Since 1986, Goldea has built a good, environmentally friendly, beautiful and quiet wooden door for customers in 72 countries around the world.

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