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Five times idol types + five times true power, do you want it?

TIME: 2017-12-02

Strength or pop idol which is better, I believe a lot of people and the idea of wooden door small make up thinking about this question before, people pursue beauty, but occasionally the beauty bias, think beautiful people only have beauty.

Year awards ceremony, "encouraged" by Lizhen Li, as the presenters and always big mouth, Xiaogang Feng do to several Hong Kong actor idolized and strength of the evaluation, when speaking of Chaowei Liang, Xiaogang Feng presents five strength + the highest evaluation of five pop idol, at the same time points out that Chaowei Liang is a very "cheap" actor.


Popular science: it refers to Liang's "happy together", which took five years to make a movie.

Just as the entertainment industry has the power of Chaowei Liang and the idol faction, the wooden gate has a brand with five idols and a high performance ratio, which is Goldea!

Once again, Goldea proves that beauty and strength can be harmonized.

With luxury brand Louis vuitton designer -- the idea of the design team, led by Dennis master French will be unique fashion, elegant design into the connotation of the brand, with low-key elegant style, fashionable life household brand, taste French style.

Goldea of the brand decades of exquisite craftsmanship, 2018 new wooden doors overturn the fashionable novelty, with distinctive geometric shapes and attractive material combination, show original fashion charm.

Beauty, has been integrated into the brand and blood vessels of Goldea wood.

When you are attracted by the beauty of Goldea wooden door and try to understand it, you will find that Goldea wood door is really a real force.

Goldea wooden gate, one of the top ten wooden door brands in China, has the largest production base of the north and south of the country.

As the country is engaged in the new wood composite door industry of environmental protection industry leading enterprises, the idea wooden door with the material and technology of the strict pursues perfection of environmental protection, USES the German Henkel water-based glue, Germany PP veneer, bud and environmental net flavour paint and other international well-known brand accessories, to control the whole door formaldehyde content below 0.2 mg/L, bring home the forest and pure and fresh and healthy.

Paint wooden door 46 mm exceed national standard thickness, France imported mute lock, the superior quality make the idea wooden door country garden, beauty and other well-known enterprise, the preferred partner, and exported to the United States, Canada, Japan, etc. More than 70 countries and regions.

The perfect sales service network covers more than 1,600 cities across the country, only to present the best wooden doors in front of you.

Who says beauty isn't real? Who says the real power can't be beautiful? Goldea wood door with artistic elegant design, with the interior integral style perfect fusion, illume the beauty of the home; Use extreme environmental protection and quality to improve the texture of life. Goldea wooden door, is the beautiful solid pie!



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