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With the plate to do the most used wardrobe

TIME: 2017-10-21

Many people in the decoration of the house, the home of the wardrobe, most of them are to create a master craftsman, right? But GOLDEA thinks usually we only on the appearance of the wardrobe, the shape of a certain request, often do not know anything about the raw materials of the wardrobe, the original wardrobe there are many kinds of raw materials, all kinds of plates have.

Today, GOLDEA will told you that the best use of the wardrobe is what kind of information, many people do not know it. First of all, let's take a look at the common view of the wardrobe board.

First, the particle board Solid wood particle board is ourusual comparison of a plate, is also a new type of information, its greateststrength is the environmental protection, low price, good insulation and sound-absorbing effect, used to make wardrobe material cost is very High, but the defect is difficult to distinguish its quality is good or bad, poor particle board simple deformation, wardrobe with a long time a simple problem.


 Second, the paint-free board for the wardrobe and woodendoors on the contrast, the paint-free board is made out of the closet, no longer paint treatment, process a lot of savings, and the amount offormaldehyde Low, is a safe and environmentally friendly information,anti-deformation ability.

Third, MDF.

It’s made of powdered wood fiber by high temperature molding, the appearance of the board is smooth and flat, and the strength is high, and the processing capacity is strong, but the defect is poor moisture and water resistance, Do the closet is very simple to appear rotten moldy.

 Then these kinds of wood, which is suitable as a wardrobe of the plate it? GOLDEA will help you find it: 

Originally we have to in-depth analysis, and in order to do a wardrobe, it is necessary to meet these requests:

1, raw materials, environmental protection, no smell, less formaldehyde content, live comfortably comfortable.

2, moisture-proof waterproof ability, to prevent future storage in the clothes inside the moldy and moist.

3, durable, not easy to deformation, twists and turns, through the long-term push and pull will not be a problem.

4, cheap, cost-effective. So GOLDEA will advocate us to be able to meet the above four conditions, the best wardrobe information, must be the paint-free board, the first layer of paint on the surface of a layer of tablet, eliminating the need for paint, natural environmental , Directly do a good job of the wardrobe can be used, and save the brush paint the process, eliminating some of the data costs and labor costs, will be the most cost-effective.

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