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A Guide to Interior Doors

TIME: 2017-10-20

Modern interior doors are an essential part of any home. Whether you want an elegant door leading into your living room, or a simple but sturdy door for a miscellaneous storage closet, it’s important that you have a basic understanding of modern interior doors. Take a look at our introductory guide for basic information about styles, materials, and more.

Interior Door Styles

Some styles of modern interior doors are more popular than others. Panel doors are some of the most commonly used modern interior doors, and their classic depressed or raised panels are instantly recognizable. Flush doors are also very popular modern interior doors, and are much simpler in design than their panel counterparts. Flush doors are smooth on both side and are generally unadorned, making them a cheap and economical option.


Sliding, pocket, and barn doors are also popular styles because they take up minimal space. These doors open by sliding back and forth, rather than by swinging outward. Finally, interior french doors are some of the most elegant modern interior doors. French doors frame at least one transparent or opaque panel, and this panel is often made of glass. French doors look great in many interior settings, but especially in settings in which openness, rather than privacy, is the focus.

Interior Door Materials


Modern interior doors are usually made from a few basic materials. Solid wood is a popular material for modern interior doors, as it provides a classic and elegant look with tried and true stability. Solid wood doors come in many different species, but some of the most popular choices for interior doors include fir wood and pine wood.


Synthetic wood materials are popular alternatives to solid wood. Solid-core doors are modern interior doors made of plywood or molded composite and featuring solid interiors, often constructed with wood fibers. Hollow-core doors are constructed with the same exterior materials as solid-core doors, but they have a hollow core, making them one of the most affordable modern interior doors. Finally, MDF (medium density fiberboard) is a popular and affordable option for modern interior doors. MDF doors are made of recycled wood materials that mimic the appearance of a typical wood door.


Modern interior doors can add privacy or spaciousness to your home. (Andy +8618857913817)

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