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How to measure the wooden door size?

TIME: 2017-12-21

How to measure the wooden door size?

Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other interior space decoration, many families will choose to install wooden doors, both economical and environmentally friendly. Before installing the wooden door, be sure to measure the size of the wooden door, so that you can avoid any troubles when installing. Goldea explains to you the following methods and precautions wooden doors and other issues:

A wooden door measurement method:

 Facade width = door width + width of the door line

Door width = width of the door + reserved for the door gap + thickness of the door frame thickness of the door frame + thickness of the door frame adjustment margin measurement

 The width of the doorway: horizontal measurement of the distance around the door, select more than five measurement points to measure, of which the minimum (minus the door adjustment margin) for the door frame width extension width of the door: vertical measurement of the distance between the door, select three Above the measurement point to measure, of which the minimum (see the door frame adjustment margin) for the door frame extension height size Note: In the measurement process should pay attention to the ground handling situation, to reserve the thickness of the ground decoration material to prepare for the required.


Second, wooden doors must meet the conditions before the test:
1, the customer and construction manager must be on site
2, hydropower transformation and wall reconstruction must be completed.
3, with the horizontal line, kitchen wall, floor tiles need to pave the way, flooring the room needs leveling the ground well. Wall, floor tiles, floor height to be determined.

Third, the wooden door to measure the details
1, high demand three times, according to the left, middle and right order in order, the result is the most accurate.
2, pay attention to the order of door and floor installation, it is recommended to install the door after the first floor.
Ground treatment, you can other construction projects, such as the time limit is nearing the end of the installation of the floor and wooden doors, wooden doors and floors in the end who should be installed before more reasonable, let's analyze. If the first floor, there are some problems can not be solved.
(1) the transition between the living room and bedroom buckle bar position can not be determined, the process requirements buckle must be in the door just below, close the door inside and outside the invisible bar.
(2) After the floor is finished, the baseboard is finished, and if the door cover is not fitted with the baseboards on both sides, it can not be fixed, so that the worker who installs the floor still has to fix it, thus wasting both parties' time. The first door, the door can be directly to the ground, when installed floor can be sawed under the door with a reasonable space under the pavement floor. The gap below the wooden door can be reserved according to the thickness of the floor, usually in 2cm-2.5cm.
Fourth, wooden door measurement process considerations
Finished wooden doors require door dimensions as accurate as possible, in order to reduce consumer ordering costs, the formal brand will hole width, height, wall thickness classified to the standard combination of dimensions, so the need for the construction site with attention to the following points:
1, Requires the door to complete vertical wall without tilt, left and right wall stacks of the same thickness, and in a vertical end, or it may appear the whole door is not installed properly or between the line and the wall with the seam and the uneven size of the phenomenon.
2, the surveyors will be based on the actual scene hole size, put forward the corresponding rectification requirements, please confirm the size of the product production and installation holes, and thus the implementation of the construction team by the customer rectification and construction.
Different series of doors have different structure sizes, pay attention to the demarcation point of different materials (floors and floors, floors and masonry bead positions) when constructing on the ground. Avoid the phenomenon of two different materials exposed on the ground when the door leaf falls
3, such as the thickness of the blank wall, width or height of the measured data does not match the standard size, the construction team needs to be completed before the end of the door to install their own products can be used plate, masonry restructuring, such as adding / ticking Wall stacks, higher / lower openings and more. Avoid finished doors can not be successfully installed.



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