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Wooden door market four major defects

TIME: 2017-11-10

Wooden door market four major defects

With the growth of housing spending in China and the complete reform of China's housing system, the demand for indoor wooden doors in modern home repair is growing. At the same time, for wooden doors industry, many complaints from the product, however, from now on, China's wooden door market unprecedented prosperity, but behind the hidden some flaws and deficiencies.

Brand awareness is lacking

Due to the limitations of the level of employees coupled with systematic training of business managers, professional ethics, more advanced technology, there is no deeper equipment to enhance the introduction, resulting in product quality, lack of stability in circulation, according to incomplete statistics, indoor wood processing It is ashamed that manufacturers will have three or more reworkers shipped out of ten each, resulting in many more complaints from brands.

Objective factors

Different from the home appliance industry, wooden doors are non-standard products, and often a piece of finished products is processed by at least a few or even a dozen workers (referring to the complete purchase from raw materials to installation) under the premise of production equipment. Therefore, High controllability, management is relatively difficult.


Congenital deficiency

At present, most of the influential interior wooden doors companies across the country were established in 1998-2001, almost all kinds of privately-owned enterprises. When they started their businesses, a few people scooped up one or two hundred thousand yuan inadvertently involved in the wooden door industry. Of the market to push forward, breath to develop to the present scale, the early demonstration of the company's development and profitability, has attracted large quantities of gold rush and capital rush to follow up, most of the short-term profit as the goal, Not too late in the strategic, personnel, management, technical equipment, etc. to make the necessary preparations, practitioners mixed, led to the wooden door industry chaos.

Acquired hypoplasia

The history of chasing the wooden doors: from the plywood doors, molded doors, the scene workers to paint, paint doors, solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, the customer's choice of classification and product life blurring the industry's indoor wooden door consumers the right Guide, people can not help but ask, who will pay for the customer's consumption and product life?

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