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[Green Home] Besides of plants, there also need Goldea door

TIME: 2018-05-10

It is always felt that houses with green plants are called homes. They want to add greenness to their homes. A little creativity can bring a green life full of life.


    Plants with narrow widths and wide tops do not take up much space, creating a great green effect. The beautiful flowerpots are equally comfortable!


    Dead-end decorations can come to fruition, and the collocation of plants and books allows the death corner to be lively. The L-shaped shelf is very practical in the corner space.


    The favorite reading corner, comfortable chair, and textured decorations all fit into one space, and the feeling is different.


   Plants are not always on the table, and every corner of the space can become its place of settlement. You see, the big pots under the table make up for the lack of darkness and add color.


    Is the ceiling not high enough? Hit the vaulted ceiling and you can put a slender tree in your library.


    Move the green plants to the windowsill, where there is enough light. There is a little trick that the plants should not be too single and there are more combinations of different plants.


    Plant some plants that are suitable for rooting in the water. Prepare glass vases, fresh water, beautiful plants, and decorative effects.


   In addition to green plants, there also need Goldea doors and bathroom furnitures.


    Goldea wooden door has a lower formaldehyde content than a glass of water, and the solid wood door is less than 5 times the formaldehyde content of a traditional composite door to create an Apple-level health wooden door.


    Using E0, E1 class ultimate environmental protection standard wood door substrate, to create a modular zero-aldehyde health wallboard!


   The world-leading industrial intelligent building 4.0 non-standard wooden door automated production line allows health to rely on, and stand up to witness!


    A good home environment requires a healthy care, one more green door, one more healthy guardian! Dress up your own healthy living environment and start from the Goldea wooden door!



Goldea, from nature, golden life.

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