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Front Door Hardware: Handles, Knobs and More

TIME: 2018-05-05

From locks and handles to knobs, hinges and door knockers, front door hardware options abound. Here’s a look at what’s available.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are one of the most common types of hardware. Single-cylinder deadbolts are operated with a key from the outside of a home and a thumb turn from the inside. A double-cylinder deadbolt is operated with a key from both outside and inside the door. This offers a more foolproof security option against the burglar who relies on gaining access to a home by breaking through the door glass and turning the thumb turn to open the door. Always keep a key near a double-cylinder deadbolt, in case of fire or other emergency. Both types of deadbolts are available separately or as part of a lockset. Deadbolts are relatively inexpensive, depending on the model you choose. They can start at as little as $15-20.


Handle grips with locks are another often-sought option for exterior door hardware. These are located on the exterior portion of the door, while the interior side features a lever or traditional knob with either a thumb turn, deadbolt or even a keyless entry system. These are available separately or as part of a lockset. Sold separately, the handles start at approximately $100. 


For convenience, you can purchase exterior door locksets. These typically feature a knob or lever (for both sides of the door) as well as a keyed deadbolt lock. Numerous styles and finishes are available at home improvement and hardware stores. However, if you don’t find what you are looking for in stock, there are even more options available through custom and special order lines. Locksets may be a bit more expensive since they include various components. Plan to spend between $125-175 for basic models.


Hinges attach to the sides of the doors to secure your door to the jamb and allow it to open easily. While you may not see these at first glance, they are an important functioning part of your door’s hardware, and they can be see when the door is open, meaning you’ll most likely want to match their finish to that of the other hardware you use on your door. There are numerous kinds of hinges, from ones that will make it easy to remove your door from its jamb to options that can handle extra weight. Hinges are generally sold separately from locks and knockers. They start at as little as $8-10, depending on style, size, and type. 

Door Knockers

While you may have a doorbell and not have a practical need for a door knocker, you may still want to select a one as an accessory to enhance the style of your entry door. Door knockers are available in a wide selection of finishes.

Try a traditional door knocker with a curved horizontal handle or an S door knocker, which has a vertical handle and takes its name from its shape. Imperial style is a variation on the traditional door knocker, featuring a bit more curvature and embellishment. Another style is the ring, which might be exactly as you picture it, taking its name from its shape.



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