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How to Import Products from China?

TIME: 2018-04-06

China is well known by her robust manufacturing industry, Goods from the Peoples Republic of China are very cheap and are in high demand.

Any business person looking to make some tidy profits should be looking at the Asia as a source of goods like clothing, jewelry and household appliances. Bathroom vanities, bathroom cabinets is one of them.

And on the other hand, as competition is more and more keen,more and more people want to import from China ,however ,how to import from China?

Here we have some tips for your reference. We take bathroom vanity as sample.


Step 1 Find the suppliers.

Top sellers don’t just get the best wholesale prices overnight. Instead, they work hard for it.

If you search bathroom vanity, there a lot of supplier in internet, you need to check them carefully. Choose several (3-5) companies you want to buy, then you need to research thoroughly on the companies with which you would like to work.

You can do this through checking out sources that have Chinese companies in the export business . and the other way is you also could research it from the Social Network,such as linkedIn, Facebook, Instegram and so on .In a word ,the more you know your supplier the better .

Make sure you verify the identity of suppliers in China to ensure you are not dealing with scam artists.


Steps 2 Connect with supplier.

As soon as you know enough a supplier ,contact them .and inform them what kinds of products you need ,such as designs, material ,quantity, and asked him to give you a best quotation.

And if you are a new seller , it is better to choose from their catalogue .usually ,the designs in catalogue could meet your markets .Usually ,choose 2-3 supplier to compare the price ,quality and packing then make a finally decision.

please remember, price is not the most important ,since you always could find cheaper products in China. To me ,the quality and service is more important.


Step 3 Confirm the order.

Since you have choose a good supplier, you could talk details about you order, such as payment term, delivery time ,MOQ and so on.

for example ,In our bathroom vanities filed ,99% company could accept T/T , L/C at sight .and western Union for samples, and the MOQ is 20ft per order ,and which take 30-45 days to produce.

As soon as confirm the order, you need to pay 30% deposit .and the factory will arrange your products producing as soon as they received your deposit money.

Please remember that sent the payment copy to your supplier as soon as you’re got it from bank.


Step 4 Find shipping agents.

Your goods could shipped out 30 days later, but first you need to find a shipping agent to help you arrange. And sure, you could asked your supplier to help you arrange it .i think it is a good choice for new buyer.

After you choose a shipping forwarder ,asked your shipping forwarder to contact your supplier and booking the space for your goods .there are 2 things very important before booking ,fist is the port of destination ,you should check it carefully .if mistake ,your goods will ship to anywhere in the world. And second is the container size ,usually a 20ft have 28m3 and 40HQ have 68m3 .Booking the container depends on your goods totally CBM .

At the same time ,do not forget to asked your supplier to sent you the photos of your goods producing ,packing and loading .After loading container ,asked your supplier to give you a detail loading list .And now you need to prepare the money ,Only received the balance ,the supplier will sent or release the BL to you.


5 Take the goods.

About several days later, the container will arrived your local port .shipping forwarder will contact you to take container.

But first of all ,you need pay the freight ,included sea freight and custom clearance fee .when everything is prepared. The container arrived your warehouse ,open the container door and remember do not unload at once ,take a photos ,in case any broken or less in container.

If you warehouse is full ,you could keep the container in 14 days.

Usually the forwarder will asked a 14 days free of destine use.

Finally ,you will find importing is not as hard or risky as it seems when you have the right tools and you can profitably import on your own without expensive consultants or import agency fees .



If the order is large and complex enough, consider hiring a sourcing agent to help you find the best Chinese supplier for your needs, as well as with inspections and ensuring quality control.

You can still save money by buying from China, but such an agent can help you negotiate the complex rules and issues related to buying directly.

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