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How to choose the right basin (2)

TIME: 2017-12-23

And now lets’ focus on vanity basins.

Vanity basin 

Vanity basins are designed to fit into a variety of counters or console sinks. These basins are not standalone products, but rather can be complemented by the vanity to create a functional bathroom experience. Vanity basins come in all the styles and materials available with standard bathroom sinks, and are built into the counter or installed separately. Vanities traditionally came with matching sinks or basins, but modern bathroom designs now favour mixed and even contrasting materials. Below are the different types of vanity basins available.

Self rimming vanity basin - This is installed directly into a vanity, with a self rimming design to fit flush to the top surface of the vanity. The rims are wide or flared defining the edges and slightly raised above the counter surface. The elevated rim helps control spills and protect the counter's edge treatment. Most of them are drop-in, which means that they fit into pre-cut openings on the countertop. 

Above counter vanity basin - This is installed on top of the vanity surface with the tapholes aligned with the drainage pipes. These are the easiest bathroom basins to install, since they do not require tapholes or advanced plumbing to mount in place. They are ideal for tall people because the rims are positioned above waist level. This design can also compensate for low counters in the bathroom. 

Under counter vanity basin - The basin is installed underneath the vanity level, creating a streamlined minimalist look. This design is the most secure because the basin's sides are protected from bumps and impact. However, this bathroom basin design is fairly complex to install because a custom shaped cavity must be cut into the counter to accommodate the sink. Also, they only work with sturdy countertop materials that need no edge treatment, such as granite. 

Inset vanity basin - The basin is installed into the vanity top, similar to the self rimming vanity basin, but give the look of an above counter basin. 


Well, above are all the tips. Happy to see if that is helpful. As you know, goldea manufacture resin basin by ourselves, work with Kohler since 2000. The design and quality are great. So please don’t hesitate to check the whole web to find your like.

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