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How to choose the right basin (1)

TIME: 2017-12-23

Hi it’s Carey from Goldea. Now we are talking about how to choose the" target="_blank"> basin" target="_blank"> bathroom.

Wall, inset, semi recessed, above counter, freestanding or" target="_blank"> basin? It all depends on the size of" target="_blank"> bathroom and how much room you have available.

The first step to choosing" target="_blank"> basin is to decide who will be using it. Adults, children, guests or all three? This is important when considering how" target="_blank"> basins you need, what shape and material. If you experience the 'morning rush hour', then a" target="_blank"> basin might come in handy. An above" target="_blank"> basin is perfect for an ensuite, but for the kids or" target="_blank"> bathroom, the inset or" target="_blank"> basin might be easier to use. 

Are you going for a classic look, or soft-edged and organic, or perhaps something minimalist and contemporary? Whatever you decide, be clear about your choice and stick to it. With the amount" target="_blank"> basin designs out there, knowing exactly the look you're after will help you make the right choice." target="_blank"> basins can be divided into 6 basic types; Wall Basins, Vanity Basins, Semi Recessed Basins, Above Counter Basins, Under Counter Basins and" target="_blank"> basins." target="_blank">" target="_blank"> basins in Australia are available with a choice of either one or three tapholes. Three" target="_blank"> basins use" target="_blank"> basin taps whereas one" target="_blank"> basins require the use of" target="_blank"> basin mixer. Learn more about the different types" target="_blank"> basins below." target="_blank"> basin 

The" target="_blank"> basin is fixed directly to the wall with brackets and does not require a vanity for installation. These are ideal for saving space and offer a minimalist look in" target="_blank"> bathroom." target="_blank"> basin is enhanced with a pedestal or shroud to improve the finish of" target="_blank"> bathroom as well as conceal plumbing." target="_blank"> basin - pedestals 

Basin pedestals are optional extras for" target="_blank"> basins. They sit between" target="_blank"> basin and the finished floors of" target="_blank"> bathroom, are often used to conceal plumbing and offer a unique designer appearance. The pedestal does not, however, support" target="_blank"> basin and does not sit flush against the wall (there is a small gap)." target="_blank"> basins - shrouds" target="_blank"> basin shroud has the same function as" target="_blank"> basin pedestal but is shorter in length, designed only to conceal the plumbing fittings. The shroud also does not sit flush against the wall. 



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