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Talk about the all in one basin

TIME: 2017-11-16

Many off the shelf vanity cabinets that can be purchased from bathroom supplies stores offer an all-in-one benchtop and basin that sits on top.

With this style of basin, the basin itself is actually moulded as part of the benchtop. They can be made from various materials such as porcelain or acrylic. 

PROS: The main advantage is that it’s so easy to clean. There are no ridges or joins so it’s very streamlined and a great choice for busy family bathrooms. 

They are generally available in set standard sizes, however some suppliers may offer the option to have one custom made to the size that suits your space best.

CONS: These all-in-one tops are usually designed so the benchtop gradually slopes down and inwards to create a basin in the middle – this can lead to having less flat bench space to put things on than what you would have had if you opted for a top-mount basin sitting on top of a benchtop, for example. 

GOOD FOR: Time-poor renovators, and if you need to buy something straight off the shelf and don’t have time to wait for custom made.


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