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One important tip to select the bathroom cabinet - following the trends

TIME: 2017-11-09

Fun features for keeping order aren't the only trend in bathroom cabinet. Lighting is also in the spotlight, and so we're seeing an increase in cabinets with light rails and other forms of built-in illumination.

Another trend is for your cabinet to take on more of a furniture look. This translates into more and smaller pieces with features like bun feet and raised panels and a preference for materials like dark cherry and walnut. Part of the reason for this particular development may stem from the fact that more and more people are opting to transform their ordinary bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

Another new practice popular with homeowners is matching the cabinetry in the bathroom with the rest of the house. "They're going for a consistency on the main floor, if you will," Lenia says. "The cabinets in the bathroom match the cabinets in the kitchen, the built-ins in the living room, the wet bar and so on." You may find yourself needing a drink from that wet bar once your bathroom remodel gets under way, but the more you know and the more you plan for ahead of time, the smoother the transformation will be.

So here now look, Goldea is the good choice. Why? We have an excellent design team from French, where the place the fashion starts. And also have three production bases including cabinets and wardrobe and doors, the colors can be match together.


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